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How I Got Back at My Boyfriend with Stink Bombs

I swear, my boyfriend and I have a good relationship. We're honest with each other and we respect each other. We also share the same sense of humor, which others have called "childish" but which we consider "silly and fun-loving" -- because despite being adults with serious jobs and responsibilities, we've been locked in an ongoing prank war for nearly two years now.

We had gone a few months without a prank... until last week. I arrived at work at the same time as my boss, and we walked together to my desk while I told him about how I was ready to take on more responsibility. I was just asking her to consider giving me a promotion when we arrived at my desk. I sat down, and a disgusting noise rang out. Turns out, my boyfriend had paid my coworker $10 to put a whoopee cushion on my chair. So much for impressing the boss.

So I decided to up the ante. He wants to embarrass me in front of people? I can play that game too! When I realized this week was his turn to host his buddies for their monthly poker game, I knew just what to do.

Four of his oldest friends showed up, accompanied by a new guy, Mike. Turns out, Mike used to play on my boyfriend's favorite hockey team, so he was eager to impress this guy. I helped them get set up at the table and suggested the hockey guy sit right next to my boyfriend.

They played for about 30 minutes. I came out to see how things were going and chat for a bit, then I put my plan into motion.

I grabbed a bowl of chips and few beers for the guys, and slid the stink bombs I had bought online into my pocket. Back at the poker table, I passed out the snacks and bent over to "tie my shoe." Sliding out the stink bombs, I set them off -- right under my boyfriend's chair. Then I went back to the kitchen.

A few seconds later, I heard the guys start to laugh. Poking my head back in the room, I saw them waving their hands in front of their faces and covering their noses. I pretended to sniff the air, then said innocently, "Oh no, honey, are you having that... problem again?" I looked at his friends, shaking my head. "Sorry, guys. The doctor says he just can't help it!"

Then I ran back to the bedroom, hoping the sound of their laughter would drown out my own. I got him good this time!

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