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Laughing Smith

12 x Peel-Play-Win Prank Lottery Ticket - Fake Lottery Tickets and Prank Gag Adhesive Pull Tab

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CONVINCING DESIGN: These Peel-Play-Win fake lottery tickets perfectly mimic real ones, ensuring that your prank goes undetected until the perfect moment. Prepare for uproarious laughter when the reveal unfolds!

PARTY PACK SIZE: A pack of 12 means there's plenty of fun to go around. Ideal for large gatherings or just to keep your prank game strong for several weeks, these fake tickets are the gift that keeps on giving... laughs, that is!

SIMPLE TO USE: Just pull, peel, and watch the hilarity unfold. The simplicity of use is part of the charm, making your victims believe they're on the path to riches, only to discover they've won an unforgettable prank instead!