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Laughing Smith

3-Pack Prank Golf Balls - Wobble MAXX Unputtable Golf Balls

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PREPARE FOR SOME LAUGHTER - Ready for some bamboozling action? Our pack of 3 Wobble MAXX joke golf balls is here to cheer up everyone with some good laughs! Each ball can be used repeatedly for a fun and interesting joke to just about anyone.

LET THE CONFUSION BEGIN - What better way to play a prank on golfers than by making them think they can't hit straight? This unputtable golf ball wobbles and won't roll straight when hit with a putter, which will leave golfers feeling confused and unsure of their skills. Note: this is a putting prank, please use only with putters and not drivers or wedges.

SUPER REALISTIC FEEL AND LOOK - Unlike most gag golf balls that come in a flimsy and predictable design, we made ours super realistic to the feel and touch. Whether you’re giving it subtly or directly to someone, they’ll feel like it’s the real thing.