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Laughing Smith

Circus Cash Cannon & Mega Hit - (8 pack) Fake Scratch Off Cards & Lottery Tickets - Every Ticket WINS $75,000 or $50,000

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  • SUPER REALISTIC PRANK SCRATCH OFF CARDS! - Pull a hilarious and shocking prank on your victims with these genius fake scratch off cards & fake winning lottery tickets. Each pack of scratch tickets contains (4) Circus Cash Cannon games & (4) Mega Hit games.
  • WIN $75,000 WITH MEGA HIT - Trick your friends and family into thinking they've hit the jackpot with the boxing-themed game that reveals a win of $75,0000 every time. Watch their shocked reaction as your joke unfolds & they read the funny fine print!
  • WIN $50,000 WITH CIRCUS CASH CANNON - Take your victims to the circus and make them feel like a clown when they realize that haven't struck it rich after all! Each Circus Cash Cannon fake scratch card reveals a win of $50,000. Perfect if you're looking for funny prank stuff or pranks for adults.
  • THE HILARIOUS GAG GIFT FOR THOSE THAT LIKE TO GAMBLE - These fake scratch off lottery tickets make a laugh out loud gift for those that love to try their luck. They're so realistic, your victims will have no problem believing that their fortune has changed for the better!!