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Laughing Smith

Crappy Gift - Fake Poo Toy Prank in a Gift Box - Fun Gag Poop Gift for Kids and Adults

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  • THE ULTIMATE POOP PRANK TO TRICK YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY - This hilarious fake poop prank gift box by Laughing Smith lets you trick your victims into thinking you've bought them a real human poo as a present! It's the crappiest gift EVER!
  • WITNESS THEIR HORRIFIED REACTION AS YOUR CRAPPY JOKE UNFOLDS - See the grossed out look on the faces of your friends and family as they unwrap your poop in a gift box to reveal the fake poo, then watch them scream with laughter as your poop prank unfolds.
  • CONVINCING FAKE POO & SUPERIOR QUALITY MATERIALS - We developed our poop toy fake gift to include funny details and realistic packaging design to convince your victims that your human poop gag gift is real. Perfect if you're looking for a poop in a bag prank!
  • HILARIOUS GROSS OUT GIFT FOR PRANKSTERS - This crappy joke gift box prank is loved by kids, adults, teens and veteran pranksters that love to get an extreme reaction from their victims. Great if you enjoy poop emoji toys, fun poop gifts, or poop gag gifts for adults.
  • BOUTIQUE JOKES & PRANKS BY LAUGHING SMITH - We've developed our fake poo gag gift to look like the real deal so you can gross out your friends & family with your toilet humor. Enjoy hours of laughter and make memories that last forever with Laughing Smith!