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Laughing Smith

Fake Poop Toy – Hilarious Huge Fake Turd Gag

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HILARIOUSLY REALISTIC FAKE POO PRANK TO ASTONISH ALL - Laughing Smith presents a side-splitting fake poo toy, perfect for tricking friends and family into believing an unexpected, massive turd has appeared! Playfully gross them out and relish their bewildered reactions with this top-notch prank.

LET THE GIANT TURD JOKE UNFOLD LAUGHTER - Bring joy to your gatherings as the horrified expressions transform into fits of laughter. Our huge fake poo toy, crafted with attention to detail, creates a moment of surprise and amusement that will be talked about for days.

HANDMADE PERFECTION WITH CONVINCING DETAILS - Each gag poo is meticulously handmade, capturing realistic nuances to enhance the prank's authenticity. The lifelike small details add to the illusion, making it an ideal choice for those seeking the best in funny fake pool poo or fake turds.