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Laughing Smith

Laughing Smith Fake Snot - Glow In The Dark

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FAKE SNOT TRICK TO SHOCK FRIENDS & FAMILY - Laughing Smith's fake snot booger toy prank, an excellent way to fool others into believing you've got a revolting, gooey snot hanging from your nose!

GLOW-IN-THE-DARK, REALISTICALLY GROSS - Our kid-friendly fake snot gag is crafted to look even more nauseating in the dark! Switch off the lights and watch your glowing boogers shine, causing revulsion. Ideal for those seeking glow-in-the-dark slime or booger-themed toys.

OBSERVE HILARIOUS REACTIONS WITH YOUR OOZY PRANK - See the shock and then the laughter on your friends and family's faces as they notice a massive, icky boogers protruding from your nose. These pranks serve as amusing stocking fillers and gag gifts for kids.