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Laughing Smith

Laughing Smith Snap Gum

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THE ULTIMATE SHOCK GUM PRANK TO TRICK FRIENDS & FAMILY - This hilarious shocking gum from Laughing Smith lets you trick your victims by delivering a surprise snap to their fingers as they go to pull out a stick of gum! Watch them scream in shock then let out some serious belly laughs as your prank gum shocker joke unfolds!

'SNAPS' YOUR VICTIMS FINGERS WHEN THEY "PULL HERE" - The spring-loaded trap inside our super realistic shock chewing gum will snap into action as they pull the stick of gum out of the pack. Delivers a superior fake gum shock compared with electric zap gum because it doesn't require batteries!

HOW TO SHOCK YOUR VICTIMS - Get your shock pull here chewing gum ready and, while keeping a straight face, ask your victim if they would like some. Then simply wait to witness their hilarious reaction as they pull out a stick of fake gum and get their fingers trapped with a snap! "Ouuuuch!"