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Laughing Smith

No 2 Stink Spray

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EXTRA POTENT FART SPRAY: This stinky spray is the perfect way to prank your friends and family. The smell is so bad it will make everyone laugh at the same time. Use it to create unforgettable memories that everyone will be talking about for weeks!

LEAVE 'EM BREATHLESS: With our poop spray prank, you can create the illusion of a disgusting mess without actually having to make one. Spray it in a room, and watch as everyone who smells it tries to figure out who dealt it. It's the perfect prank to pull on your family, friends, or co-workers!

PERFECT FUNNY GIFT: If you're looking for prank stuff, we've got you covered! Use this spray to be the ultimate jokester, and watch as your friends and family in awe and disbelief.