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Laughing Smith

Sloth Time Funny Toilet Paper - Gag Gifts for Men, Women, Kids & Teens - Joke Novelty Toilet Roll

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GENIUS 'SLOTH TIME' GAG TOILET PAPER - Does your friend or love one take ages in the toilet? Perhaps they're checking social media, reading a paper or just taking a break... Whatever the hold up, this funny toilet paper from Laughing Smith will make the slow pooper in your life laugh out loud!

FOR FRIENDS & LOVED ONES THAT TAKE AGES ON THE THRONE - Our novelty toilet paper is designed to poke serious fun at the person who spends hours in the bathroom with hilarious illustrations of a sloth on the john. Perfect if you're looking for funny gifts, gag gifts or sloth gifts.

GET A GUARANTEED LAUGH WHATEVER THE OCCASION! - This hilarious joke toilet paper makes the ultimate birthday, anniversary, Father’s Day or April Fools gift for anyone with a great sense of humor! Perfect if you're looking for a toilet paper joke roll.