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Laughing Smith

Smithstein's World Famous Flea Circus Prank Gift Box - Unique and Hilarious Gag Gift Box

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MISCHIEVOUS DESIGN: This prank box is designed to look like a charming flea circus, but unlike the real thing, it doesn't require a flea collar. Once opened, it reveals a surprise gift for your loved ones to enjoy.

PERFECT GAG GIFT: If you want to be remembered as the person who brought laughter to the party, this prank box for adults and kids is the perfect gag gift. Your friends and family will be itching to see what's inside.

REALISTIC DESIGN: Made with high-quality material, the prank package is sturdier than a flea's hind legs. It can withstand multiple pranks and gift exchanges, making it a gift that keeps on giving. So come one, come all to the Smithstein's World Famous Flea Circus!