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Laughing Smith

Super Stink 30ml Fart Spray

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INSANELY STRONG FART SPRAY THAT SMELLS LIKE HORRID GAS! - Super Stink potent fart spray from Laughing Smith lets you blast your victims with a wet fart bomb that is so horrendous, they will have tears drop from their eyes as they run!

MAKE YOUR PREY GASP FOR FRESH AIR! - Watch as just one spray of Super Stink fart spray extra strong makes your victims gag, gasp and run for clean air! For the most potent fart cloud, corner your victims and spray your stinky spray indoors.

COMPLETELY NON-TOXIC FORMULA - Our non-toxic and nonflammable formula ensures your fart-fueled dirty pranks are completely safe. WARNING: Super Stink poop smelling spray smells so BAAAAD, it will make your victims gag!