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Laughing Smith

Laughing Smith Ultra Prank and Joke Box - 28 Funny Pranks with Over 80 Total Pieces

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Laughing Smith Ultra Prank and Joke Box with 21 Amazing Classic and New Pranks - 81 Pieces Total
Be on your toes at all times! You might get pranked!

Laughing Smith is tried and true when it comes to creating big contagious laughs. Bring back some classic family and friends fun with our extra large Prank Kit! Many practical jokes and fun prank stuff that will be sure to shock, scare, and most importantly - Cause lots of laughs.

Why Choose Laughing Smith?


  • Large prankster kit with 81 pieces of endless fun 
  • 28 practical jokes, pranks, and gags 
  • Our large ultimate prank kit allows you to share in all the fun with your family and friends 
  • Perfect blend of classic and new pranks
  • We've found adults having as much or more fun than their younger counterparts!


WARNING! The contents in this box will produce excessive and contagious amounts of laughter!

Pranks Included:

Full box of prank supplies that range from classic, new, shock pranks, trick gum, and more…


  • Dirty Diaper
  • Rattlesnake Eggs
  • 5 Fake Lottery Tickets
  • 3 Fortune Teller Miracle Fish
  • Fake Million Dollar Bill
  • 25 Comic Parking Tickets
  • Shock Pen
  • Trick Folding Spoon
  • Fake Ice Cube Bar Bug
  • Snotty Nose Gag
  • 10 Fake Flies
  • F*rt Whistle Naughty Noise-maker
  • 4 Instant Worms
  • Wolf Whistle
  • Snap Chewing Gum Prank
  • F*rt Causing Lollipop
  • 16 Fake Ants
  • Doggie Doo Fake Poop
  • 5 NYC Size Fake Cockroaches
  • Chinese Finger Trap Trick
  • Fake Chewed Gum


Imagine the fun you can have with all these amazing and fun prank toys for kids. Great kit for both boys and girls. Get ready for some deep belly laughs and scared family members! Order Today!


**Ages 14+**

UPC: 195893894826